Best Mixing Consoles For a Recording Studio reviewed

by Joost Nusselder | Updated on:  December 8, 2020

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Purchasing one of the best mixing consoles for a recording studio would be a wise investment for a musician in order to produce the top masterpiece existing in the market.

Mixing your music is a form of art, which requires you to have the skills and the right equipment to be able to perform your work.

To obtain the perfect mix, as much as it requires experience and creativity, you also need a good mixing console. This device will inspire you to bring out your best music.

Mixing Consoles Recording Studio

With the improvement of technology throughout the world, it has become important to emulate it even in the music industry.

Choosing the best mixing console may not be a walk in the park.

If you want an affordable mixing solution, I suggest spending a little more and go for this Allen & Heath Zedi 10FX.

Although the Mackie is a good choice if you’re just starting out and it really is a lot cheaper, chances are you’ll probably need an upgrade when you’re getting into recording more.

The Allen & Heath really gives a lot of options at an affordable price with 4 mic/line inputs with XLR and even 2 separate high impedance DI guitar inputs you’ll have enough to get you through the most challenging recording sessions.

Below we have analyzed the best consoles for a recording studio, noting their pros and cons, and finally, we have come up with the best console existing in the market.

Let’s quickly take a look at the top ones and then dive straight into it:

Best cheap budget mixing console: Mackie profx 6 channelBest cheap budget mixing console: Mackie profx 6 channel


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Best console for the money: Allen & Heath Zedi 10FXBest console for the money: Allen & Heath zedi-10FX


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Best iPad & tablet controlled mixing console: Behringer x air x18Best iPad & tablet controlled mixing console: Behringer x air x18


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Best large recording mixer: Yamaha emx5014cBest large recording mixer: Yamaha emx5014c


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Best professional mixing console: Presonus studiolive SL-1602Best professional mixing console: Presonus studiolive 24.4.2AI


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Reviews of Best Mixing Consoles For a Recording Studio

Best cheap budget mixing console: Mackie profx 6 channel

Best cheap budget mixing console: Mackie profx 6 channel

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One of the best mixing consoles in the market today, which does an excellent job in ensuring you that you will get the best sounds ever.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to appreciate your work and feel like you are the best in the whole world, when it comes to producing the best mixes in the music industry?

With this mixing console, you are assured of getting many buttons and slides to use throughout your mixing adventure.

This is sufficient for you to get the best output from your music.

If you are looking for a device that you can easily carry around, then this would be the most suitable one for you.

Its weight and size makes the device more portable, therefore you can use it everywhere you go for a comprehensive performance experience.

However, you will love it not only for its portability but because of the high quality performance you will get from it.

Check out idjnow with his take:

The Mackie profx comes with a various number of effects that will help you get the high quality audio for your music.

With 16 excellent effects, what else would you expect from it other than the best experience?

It comes with an FX effects engine, which is specifically designed to produce high quality audio, which would certainly impress the audience.

It also comes with easy to use controls. With this model, mixing will be easier, thanks to the USB port that will help you connect the mixer directly to your computer to start the process.

It also includestraction software, which is easy to use and provides you to record your mix in a shorter time.


  • Compact in construction
  • Highly affordable
  • Produces high-quality audio
  • Excellent sound effects
  • Inbuilt USB interface for easy recording
  • Able to run with 12-volt battery


  • Channels appear to be fuzzy
Check the latest prices here

Best console for the money: Allen & Heath zedi-10FX

Best console for the money: Allen & Heath zedi-10FX

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One of the best mixing consoles, with an easy setup process. With this model, it is priceless to be able to start your mixing process immediately after you set up the device.

It comes in a compact design that will promote you to go to the market and purchase it. With this product, you will never have to worry about where to place the device.

This product is much more affordable and still gives you the best experience the same as the expensive models do.

This would be the best mixing console, especially for guitar lovers.

It comes with two excellent channels that have guitar modes, which makes it much more fun and enjoyable to use the mixer with the guitar.

Here you can see it on AllThingsGear’s channel:

The EQS ensures that you get high-quality live performance with a clean and clear sound. The USB interface makes the mixing process much easier.

The manufacturer of this product designed it in such a way that its left side is used to hold the channels.

It allows you to secure your microphones with 3 stereo inputs, which you actually need for your mixing experience.

Its controls are designed in such a way that it makes it easier for you to change their settings in order to come up with the perfect audio sound.


  • Super quality sound
  • Excellent analog mixing with digital power
  • Compact design


  • Has a loud hum on the microphone input
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Best iPad & tablet controlled mixing console: Behringer x air x18

Best iPad & tablet controlled mixing console: Behringer x air x18

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One of the best multi-functional models in the market. It comes with newly designed features that will promote you to purchase it without considering the price.

With these attractive features, you will be obliged to see its performance in the mixing world, which will not disappoint you at all.

It is accompanied by 18 channels with a USB interface that will make your recording and mixing process both fast and professional at the same time.

Another feature that will totally promote you to purchase this product is its inbuilt Wi-Fi system that provides you high connectivity with other devices to give you a better performance.

It also features programmable preamps that ensure you get the high-quality audio sound. This makes sure you get the best performance you have always dreamt of.

For those who prefer to go for something that is much more durable, then this device is what to go for.

Sweetwater has a great video on it:

It is built with a solid construction that ensures you to be able to use the device for a long time without needing to replace it.

This is important for those people who buy an item as an investment.

Apart from the above features of this model, it is also personalized to help in monitoring. With the tablet touchscreen, it becomes easy to monitor and control the process.

This one would be the best device for those musicians who want to emulate technology in mixing.


  • Its solid construction makes it durable
  • Amazing audio quality
  • Integrated with excellent technology


  • The touchscreen might be unresponsive at times
Check the latest prices here

Best large recording mixer: Yamaha emx5014c

Best large recording mixer: Yamaha emx5014c

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Yamaha is the most well-known company when it comes to the production of the best sounds in the music industry.

Its history remains undefeated. With Yamaha emx5014c, you will expect the same, because the designer wants to live to the known standards that they don’t want to disappoint their customers.

This model does a great job of producing high-quality sounds.

Yamaha emx5014c comes with all the tools that make mixing your music an easy and professional task.

It comes with 14 input powered mixers, two amplifiers with 500 watt, and in-built effects that you will need in mixing.

The good thing with all these is that they are housed in a mounted rack, which is steel and sturdy.

With the possibility of easily switching the two amplifiers to the right and left outputs, it is easier to control the kind of sound you want to produce.

It is designed with an easy set up that will enable you to pick up the process in a shorter time.

What you will love the most about Yamaha emx5014c is its single knob compressors that will ensure you have control of the vocals and to be able to keep the tightness of the bass.

Under favor of the 9 band graphics that the model comes with; it is possible to monitor the audio you are producing, very closely.

With the SPX effects that are inbuilt, you are assured of the sound.


  • Highly versatile
  • Produces clean audio sound
  • Highly powered amplifiers
  • Easily portable


  • Quite expensive to purchase
Check the latest prices here

Best professional mixing console: Presonus studiolive SL-1602

Best professional mixing console: Presonus studiolive 24.4.2AI

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Presonus studiolive 24.4.2AI models turns your music mixing into a very easy process.

With this model, you will be able to combine the analog with the digital, and be able to get the best out of it.

It has an analog-like surface that combines with a digital power to ensure that you get great sound when you integrate it with the required mixing software.

Presonus studiolive is one of the best if you are looking for an excellent and creative production environment.

It offers wireless connectivity to any available network and has a multi-touch control surface, which is good for personalized monitoring of the audio production.

It has signal capabilities, which cannot be compromised that help you to receive high-quality sounds from the channels you choose.

With its wide range of knobs and sliders, and 24 input channels you will get nothing but the best from this device.

It comes with 20 mix buses that are dedicated for easy configuration. This model is totally worth investing in.


  • Great sound quality
  • Memory recall capability for various channels
  • Excellent channel processing


  • Disturbing fan noise
  • Expensive to purchase
Check the latest prices here


To select the best mixing console for a recording studio, there are various factors that you need to put into consideration.

You need to check your budget because the mixing consoles come at different prices from the highest to the lowest.

The features are another thing to look at, because the mixing consoles each have very different features.

Mixing consoles are much more important to those people who take their time in mixing and recording music.

It is easier to gain control over the mix by using the mixing board. Embrace the technology and enjoy it.

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