Best Multi Effects Pedal Under 100

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Depending on the type of music you play, your music skill level and your style, chances are you might need a different music effect from the others. The multi-effects paddle offers multiple effects in one single package compared to the individual paddle.  

Most of these pedals offer more effects than you will typically use, but it is worth trying each effect to come up with the best. There are many multi-effects pedals in the market today and selecting for the best one can be hectic. Below we have researched the best multi effects pedals under $100.

Reviews of Best Multi Effects Pedal Under 100


Nux Company creates many accessories for guitars that are on the market today.  One of the best products available from this company is the NUX MG-100 multi-effects pedal.  This pedal is highly affordable, while still giving you the best features that the other higher priced products give you.

The NUX MG-100 is one of the best multi-effects pedals on the market that comes with a compact design.  The materials used in construction of this pedal are strong solid materials that are tough enough to handle your guitar during a stage performance.

This pedal offers lots of creative options for you to explore.  The NUX MG-100 comes with a full package of modulation drives and effects that are of high quality and  gives one the luxury of exploring different styles of sound patterns. The different loop functions and styles and will benefit the musician greatly.


  • Affordable
  • Solid material construction for durability
  • Small and light weight
  • Highly versatile
  • Simple editing effect


  • Difficult to set up

Zoom G1Xon Guitar Multi- Effect Pedal

The Zoom G1Xon is among the best multi-effect pedals on the market because of its affordability and excellent design.  It is a simple and lightweight design.  For those who want to venture into these products for the first time and they don’t want to invest a lot of money, then this is a great pedal to start with.  It is also suitable for those people who are running out of space.

Want to give your music an extra touch? Why not try the Zoom G1Xon? With its 100 effects, including delay, compression, modulation and realistic amp models. It also features an add on expression pedal which helps with filtering, add wah and adjust the volume to meet your needs. This single pedal gives you a range of sounding effects.

Being a multi-effect pedal gives you the comfort of using five of the onboard effects which are chained together simultaneously.  It also has a built in chromatic tuner that detects if one is playing the note flat, sharp or in tune. You can easily access this chromatic tuner. This gives you a clear and uninterrupted sound.

This pedal features a looper that gives you the opportunity to layer up to a maximum of thirty seconds of the performance with the effects that you choose. It can be used with the rhythm function to allow you play with your chosen pattern.


  • 100 great studio effects.
  • 30 seconds of phrase looper
  • Simultaneous use of 5 chained effects
  • Five pedal control effects
  • Impressive quality sound 


  • The battery life is low
  • No USB connection

Digi Tech RP55 Guitar Multi-effects Processor

Looking at its size you may equally dismiss it at first sight but this should not mislead you. This Digi Tech RP55 comes with excellent features that will solve your music needs. For those who are venturing the industry for the first time or those who are running on a budget this multi effect pedal is suitable to them. It is very much affordable and still gives you the opportunity to explore new effects.

Digi Tech RP55 comes packed with thirty different drum patterns, 20 effects, 5 cabinet simulations and 11 amps. This gives you an excellent job of exposure to different sound effects and gives you the capability to select among them in order to settle on the best effect for your liking. It has a dial up option that gives you the opportunity to preset the effects easily.

To ad on the list of the excellent features of the Digi Tech RP55 are the compression and the noise gate that are additional features of this product that gives you the fun you need when operating it. It also has the Audio DNA chip that helps produce the best effects. Its 13 led chromatic tuner that is easy to use is something else to go for in this product.


  • 11 different amps to select from
  • Excellent price
  • Light weight
  • Produces clean sounds
  • Small and light weight


  • No expression pad
  • No USB connection

Behringer Digital Multi-fx FX600

Behringer Digital Multi-fx FX 600 is one of the best multi-effect pedals on the market today. This is because of the many unique features it possess. In addition to its affordability, Berringer Digital Multi-fx FX 600 gives you a good value of your money. It consumes low power of 9 vaults making it even more economical. It can either use batteries or DC power.

In addition to its affordability and low power consumption, Behringer digital stands out among the rest because of its stereo effects that are of very high resolution of 40khz.This makes it sound so clear and natural. The sound comes out with very easy operation thanks to its two dials parameters used for fine –tuning of its effects.  It also has LED lights that indicates if the FX600 is activated or not.

The Berringer Digital Multi-fx FX 600 is light for easy portability and also comes with a three year warranty. This is good news to users in case of any complications after purchase, they can get free servicing or even a refund of their money.


  • Easily affordable
  • Low power consumption rate
  • High resolution stereo effects
  • Easy portability


  • Difficult battery access
  • Weak on/off switch

Vox Stomplab2G Multi-Effects Pedal

The Vox Stamplab2G is considered one of the best multi-effect pedals because of its appealing price, as well as its attractive and efficient features.  With this product you can work simultaneously with up to 8 effects. The double level knob lets you to dial up the effects to the user slots which are 20 in number.

This model of the multi-effects pedal comes with four pedals that are excellent for guitar and are used for volume control for the assigned parameter. They have an on-board tuner that have 120 on board memory slots which includes 100 presets slots and the other 20 remain for one’s own sounds.

For those planning to use the pedal for extensive hours, this is the best option for them, as this model works on four multiple A batteries or an AC adapter.  This helps to cut down the costs that could have been used on the batteries. Also included is a rotary switch that controls the user memories and the factory presets. This makes switching from one effect to the other easier.


  • Simple to edit to own unique sounds
  • Tuner and expression pedal included
  • 103 effects in total
  • Able to work with up to 8 effects simultaneously
  • Excellent sound quality


  • Looper not included
  • Power supply not included
  • No USB editor


The pedals listed above are the top multi-effects pedals under $100. This information is intended to help customers evaluate their options and make the right choice for their specific needs. We have researched them and evaluated them according to their features, including their pros and cons. Before buying any multi-effect pedal on the market today, you need to evaluate not only the price, but the other features, durability, and number of effects.

Choose the best multi-effects pedal and take music to the next level!

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