Learn How To Play An Acoustic Guitar

by Joost Nusselder | Updated on:  October 11, 2020

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Especially beginners are faced with the question: How can I learn to play my guitar best and fastest?

The acoustic guitar offers advantages for the beginner, such as the smaller fingering surface, but on the other hand, it also has disadvantages, such as the steel strings, which are more difficult to play.

Beginners should, therefore, make sure to first use a Western guitar with thin steel strings.

learn how to play acoustic guitar

Acoustic guitar for beginners: First steps

It would be a dream if you could play every pop song perfectly on your new acoustic guitar right away, but this will probably remain a dream come true.

Also with the guitar, it is said: Practice makes perfect. The best way for every guitar student to start is to learn the standard chords.

Each chord should be practiced individually until you are slowly able to play simple melodies.

Many popular songs consist of standard chords and can be played after a short practice period.

After a period of getting used to the chords, you should then dare to play the remaining chords and the scale.

You will then refine your solo playing with special techniques such as tapping or vibrato.

Guitar frets for beginners can be found on the Internet, explained in a catchy way, and illustrated with diagrams.

So you can teach yourself the basics at first. The one or other video on youtube can also be very helpful.

Compared to many other instruments, the guitar is very well suited for independent practice. Virtuosos like Frank Zappa learned to play the guitar by himself.

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Guitar courses

To get started in playing the guitar you can use a book or an online course.

In order to learn the finer points and to bring more interaction into your guitar playing, a guitar course is also possible.

This also has the advantage that you have fixed practice times. In general, however, you should motivate yourself to practice at least one hour per day.

This can be helped by youtube videos of guitar players, which illustrate the first steps and also motivate by their experienced playing.

So always practice, practice, practice; but don’t forget the fun!

Also, once you have developed skills do not forget to look at new microphones for acoustic guitar excellence.

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