Joyo JF-04 High-Gain Distortion Pedal Review

by Joost Nusselder | Updated on:  February 11, 2021

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Learning how to play the guitar is never easy, but it is hugely rewarding in the long run.

Those who want to dedicate themselves to acoustic and classical guitars won’t have any need for guitar pedals and similar accessories.

However, electric guitar players are bound to purchase a stompbox at some point in their career.

If you are interested in modifying your sound and exploring different music genres using sound effects, then the Joyo JF-04 High-Gain Distortion Pedal might be the ideal choice for you.

Read on to find out about its many features and advantages.

Best cheap budget distortion pedal: Joyo JF-04

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What We Like

  • Extremely affordable price
  • High level of signal customizability
  • Superior metal tones

What We Don’t Like

  • No bass control
  • Relatively noisy during operation

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Joyo JF-04 High-Gain Distortion Pedal Review

Joyo is a technology company that manufactures many different digital accessories.

They are mainly focused on products that enhance the music quality and performance of the musicians.

This company has been producing various digital devices for many years now.

Each year, their experts manage to surprise with their creative ideas that allow the customer base to enjoy making music even more.

The guitar pedals made by Joyo comes in many forms. You can find different types at different retail stores and while browsing their website.

The differences they sport aren’t only related to the features; they also include different colors and attractive design schemes.

One proud creation is the Joyo JF-04 High-Gain Distortion Pedal, which is the star of this review. Let’s find out if this is the device that’s perfect for you.

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Who Is This Product For?

This guitar pedal is considered a budget option when compared to other options available on the market.

Surprisingly, it has many features that higher-priced products can’t brag about.

It’s best suited for rhythm and lead guitarists playing metal music, but it can also be used for those focusing on early punk and some rock genres.

If you are a complete beginner looking to buy a high-quality pedal at a low price, then this is the perfect option for you.

However, as you progress and start playing real shows, you might want to consider getting a more expensive option that offers more value.

What’s Included?

Upon purchasing this guitar pedal, you will be presented with several warranty options.

It is up to you which warranty you choose, but we recommend the Asurion protection plan that is offered directly by the sellers.

Another thing to mention is that you won’t receive a power adapter and a cable for connecting the guitar without ordering them separately.

In case you don’t have these yet, you can order everything on the same web page with a small discount.

We recommend doing so, as it can be troublesome finding a power source and a cable that are compatible with your guitar.

Joyo JF-04 High-Gain Distortion Pedal Review

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Overview of the Features

This guitar pedal measures 1.8 x 5.9 x 3.5 inches and weighs only one pound. This makes it an excellent example of a light accessory that is easy to handle and transport.

Many different color schemes are available to browse in the shop. In case you are one for aesthetics, you can surely find a model that goes perfectly with your guitar and amp color or even your clothes.

The casing is not as sturdy as we would like it to be, but this won’t be an issue unless you expect some massive physical impact to be endangering the pedal.

The box features four knobs: volume, treble, gain, and mid. You can play around with these until you find the perfect combination for your performances.

How to Use This Guitar Pedal

When unpacking this product, you will find out that there is no assembly process required, and that setting it up is quite simple.

The only thing you are required to do is give it a source of power using an adequate power adapter. After that, connect it to the guitar using the cable with compatible jacks.

After this is done, you can start to enjoy the various effects and alter your music however you see fit.

We recommend not going too hard on the pedal with your foot, as it’s price makes it a bit less sturdy than you might expect.

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Aside from the various Joyo pedals, there are models from different manufacturers that might fit you even better.

One such example is the Rowin Analog Heavy Metal Distortion Pedal. It’s similarly priced to the reviewed product, but it is way more sturdy and hard-wearing.

Rowin Analog Heavy Metal Distortion Pedal

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Also, it alters the guitar signal in a way that is more suitable for playing a heavy metal guitar.


The Joyo JF-04 High-Gain Distortion Pedal is an excellent choice for amateur electric guitar enthusiasts and those who are looking to spend only a small amount of money.

It has various features that won’t leave you feeling like you’re missing something, and it can last for many years, provided that you care for it properly.

Among the alternatives, you can find models that have a similar price but are more suited to different music genres.

There are also some that feature a different set of effects, so make sure to check them out before making the purchase.

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