Get to Know Guitar Legend Ola Englund: A Biography

by Joost Nusselder | Updated on:  May 3, 2022

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Ola Englund is a Swedish guitarist, producer, and owner of Solar guitars. He’s best known as a member of Haunted and Fear Factory, and has played on albums by artists including Jeff Loomis, Mats Levén, and Mike Fortin.

Ola was born on September 27, 1981, in Sweden. He started playing guitar at age 14 and formed his first band at 16.

Let’s look at the life and career of this metal virtuoso.

Ola Englund: The Swedish Guitarist, Producer, and Owner of Solar Guitars

  • Ola Englund was born on September 27, 1981, in Sweden.
  • He started playing guitar at the age of 14 and formed his first band at 16.
  • Ola has been a member of several notable metal acts, including Feared, The Haunted, and Six Feet Under.
  • He currently plays guitar in his own band, The Haunted, and produces music for other artists.
  • Ola is known for his unique playing style, which combines death metal and thrash metal influences.
  • He is also known for his use of seven and eight-string guitars, often tuned to drop A or lower.
  • Ola is a Randall Amplifiers artist and has his own signature amp, the Satan.
  • He is the owner of Solar Guitars, a company that produces high-quality guitars at an affordable price.

Photos, Similar Artists, and Events

  • Ola’s social media accounts are filled with photos of him playing guitar, recording music, and spending time with his family.
  • Some similar artists to Ola Englund include Jeff Loomis, Per Nilsson, and Fredrik Thordendal.
  • Ola frequently performs live with The Haunted and other bands, and has played at several notable metal festivals, including Wacken Open Air and Bloodstock Open Air.

Trivia and Fun Facts

  • Ola speaks several languages, including Swedish, English, French, Italian, Hungarian, Arabic, and Norwegian.
  • He is an active member of the metal community on social media and frequently interacts with fans.
  • Ola runs his own YouTube channel, where he shares guitar tutorials, gear reviews, and behind-the-scenes footage of his music projects.
  • He is known for his sense of humor and often posts funny memes and jokes on his social media accounts.
  • Ola is also a fan of video games and often streams himself playing games on Twitch.

Ola Englund: The Man Behind the Music

Ola Englund was born on September 27, 1981, in Sweden. He grew up in a musical family and started playing guitar at the age of 14. He was inspired by progressive metal bands such as Dream Theater and Meshuggah.

In his early career, Ola played in several bands, including Feared, Haunted, and The Few Against Many. He also worked as a guitar demonstrator for Washburn guitars and amplifiers.

Solo Career and Notable Collaborations

In March 2013, Ola released his first solo album, “The Master of the Universe.” He has also collaborated with notable musicians such as Jeff Loomis, Kiko Loureiro, John Petrucci, and The Aristocrats.

Ola is currently recognized for his unique style and sound, which is often described as “feared” and “brutal.” He is known for playing seven and eight-string guitars, which are tuned to drop A and drop E, respectively.

Personal Life and Other Ventures

Ola is married and has a son. He is also the owner of Solar Guitars, a guitar company that he launched in November 2017. The guitars are built in collaboration with Grover Jackson and Mike Fortin.

In addition to his music career, Ola is also a notable producer and has edited and mixed albums for artists such as Rabea Massaad, Merrow, and Olly Steele.

Discography of Ola Englund

Ola Englund is a Swedish guitarist, record producer, and notable metal act. He has played with several bands and has released numerous records over the years. Here are some of his most notable metal acts:

  • Feared: Englund founded this band in 2007 and played guitar on all of their albums. Feared’s sound is a mix of death metal and modern metal, and Englund’s guitar playing is a big part of their sound.
  • The Haunted: Englund joined this Swedish metal band in 2013 as their lead guitarist. The Haunted is known for their aggressive sound and Englund’s playing fits right in with their style.
  • Six Feet Under: Englund played guitar on the 2017 album “Torment” for this American death metal band. His guitar work on the album is praised for its technicality and precision.

Englund’s Solo Career

In addition to playing with bands, Englund has also released several solo albums. Here are some of his solo releases:

  • Master of the Universe (2013): This album showcases Englund’s guitar skills with a mix of heavy metal and instrumental tracks.
  • The Sun’s Blood (2014): Englund’s second solo album is a departure from his metal sound and features acoustic guitar and ambient music.
  • Starzinger (2019): This album is a concept album about a space adventure and features Englund’s signature guitar sound.

Englund’s Gear and Tuning

Englund is known for his use of seven and eight-string guitars, which allow him to play in drop tunings and create a heavier sound. He is also a longtime user of Randall amplifiers and has a signature model called the Satan. Englund’s guitar sound is feared by many in the metal community and his use of advanced techniques such as sweep picking and string skipping have made him a respected guitarist.


For those interested in exploring Englund’s discography, Discogs is a great resource. They have a list of all his releases and you can explore his career by searching for specific albums or using their advanced search feature.


Ola is a Swedish guitarist, producer, and owner of Solar guitars. He’s known for his unique playing style that combines death metal, thrash metal, and progressive metal influences. He’s played in notable metal acts like Haunted, Fear, and Feet, and currently plays guitar in Haunted.

Ola is also known for his use of seven-string guitars tuned in a drop-D tuning. He’s released several solo albums, including “Master Universe” and “Sun and Moon.” He’s collaborated with artists like Jeff Loomis and Mats Levén, and played at notable metal festivals like Wacken Open Air and Bloodstock Open Air.

So, there you have it – everything you need to know about Ola Englund!

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