Dunlop Manufacturing: What Is It And Their Musical Products And Effects

by Joost Nusselder | Updated on:  May 26, 2022

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Dunlop Manufacturing, Inc., known colloquially as Jim Dunlop, is a manufacturer of musical accessories, especially effects units, based in Benicia, California.

Originally founded in 1965 by Jim Dunlop, Sr., the company has grown from a small home operation to being a large manufacturer of music gear for over 40 years.

Dunlop has acquired several well-known brands of effects pedal, including Cry Baby, MXR and Way Huge.

Dunlop manufacturing


Dunlop Manufacturing is one of the leading manufacturers of musical instruments and effects. They have been in the business for over 50 years and have made a name for themselves for creating top-quality products.

They make a wide variety of instruments and effects, from guitars and basses to pedals and other accessories. In this article, we will take a look at what Dunlop has to offer and how it can help you make great music.

History of Dunlop Manufacturing

Dunlop Manufacturing was founded by John C. Dunlop in 1965 to produce a new line of tennis racquets for the shop’s customers. Although there was plenty of competition in the tennis world, he was determined to make an impact and be successful. After producing several products and seeing them become popular, he decided to expand Dunlop Manufacturing into the electric guitar market in 1973.

Since then, Dunlop has become one of the most trusted names when it comes to electric guitars and effects pedals. Some of their most popular products include the Cry Baby wah-wah pedal, MXR distortion pedals, Dyna Comp compressor pedal and Jimi Hendrix signature fuzz face distortion. All these pieces are some of the staples in any guitarist’s rig, ensuring optimal sound quality for live performances or studio recordings.

In recent years, Dunlop has branched out into other musical products such as strings for bass and guitar, capos, straps and slides. With a wide variety of items from affordable beginner models all the way up to professional grade equipment aimed at experienced professionals, Dunlop Manufacturing has become a trusted source for all your musical needs.

Overview of Dunlop Manufacturing

Dunlop Manufacturing is a manufacturer of musical instrument accessories, as well as an effects pedal line based out of Benicia, California. Founded by BJ Dunlop in 1965, the company develops musical products such as strings, picks, and other items used in the studio and on stage. The company also manufactures effects pedals and related hardware to extend sound capabilities for a variety of instruments. With a rich history in providing musicians with quality products that are both innovative and affordable, Dunlop Manufacturing has become a go-to brand for musicians around the globe who are looking to add great sounds to their performance.

Dunlop offers a wide range of its own effects pedals along with collaborations with some of the world’s most renowned artists. These include signature series designs that have been inspired by popular guitarists like John Petrucci, Jimi Hendrix, Slash, Muddy Waters and more. In addition to effects pedals, Dunlop also provides care products such as picks and cleaning supplies that are essential for preserving the condition of your stringed instruments.

The company offers many different series categories – from unique distortion models to analog wah wahs made for electric guitars – each possessing its own distinct nuances when crafting sounds. With their reliable craftsmanship extending over decades tried-and-true products from Dunlop are staples on stages across various genres from rock music to jazz bands everywhere – truly setting them apart from competitors within the industry!

Musical Products

Dunlop Manufacturing is a leading manufacturer of musical equipment for guitarists and bassists, offering a variety of products for all types of music. From strings, picks, and straps to tuners, capos and pedals, Dunlop offers a wide selection of musical products to make sure every guitarist and bassist can find what they need. Let’s take a look at the range of musical products and effects Dunlop has to offer.

Guitar Effects Pedals

Guitar effects pedals are a popular way to add unique sounds and expression to your guitar playing. Dunlop Manufacturing Inc. offers a wide variety of pedals for players of all kinds to explore. From classics like the Cry Baby Wah Pedal and MXR-created pedals like the Dyna Comp Compressor to modernized new effects like the DVP4 Volume (X) Pedal, Dunlop has something for everyone from beginner up through professional player.

The Cry Baby Wah Pedal is the perfect starting point for adding new colors to your playing. This classic effect helps create soul-stirring leads and is an unmistakable part of rock history with its unmistakable tone adding character throughout genres and helping define iconic sounds since 1966. Other classic designs are just as well-suited for today’s rigs as they were when they debuted decades ago, such as the Phase 90 Phaser, one of the most popular phase shifting pedals available today, or the Dyna Comp Compressor, an effect from MXR used by pros like Dave Grohl on “Everlong” that can help any guitar take on percussive attack or increase sustain with subtle settings that retain clarity at any level.

Dunlop also offers modern designs built specifically with today’s experimentations in mind such as loopers including the DC Brick 8-Channel Line Selector & Power Supply Splitter and the DL8 Delay/Looper Pedal that can both provide options existing between standard loopers small enough to fit in a gig bag while being powerful enough to satisfy more complex needs out of looping in performance settings or in practice sessions focused on exploring soundscapes.. The company also has offerings designed to provide faithful recreations of vintage tones with minimal fuss or noise floor like their models designed in conjunction with Fuzz Face inventor Gary Hurst’s Tone Bender effect that features three variations meant for everything from psychedelic views through classic rock territory making sure no matter what style you prefer there will be something up Dunlop’s sleeve ready for you explore!

Strings and Accessories

Dunlop Manufacturing, Inc. is a well-known manufacturer of strings and musical accessories used by professional musicians across the world. With over 40 years in the business, they have become one of the leading suppliers in stringed instrument equipment and guitar accessories.

Dunlop’s selection of stringed instruments includes Electric Guitar Strings, Acoustic Guitar Strings, Bass Strings and Ukulele Strings in a variety of sizes and materials such as nylon, nickel-plated steel, bronze and stainless steel to suit your individual playing style or your specific requirements for sound. They also offer accessories for stringed instruments such as strings winders and capos for easy tuning changes; picks for precise strumming; intonation tools to help you keep your instrument properly tuned; slides that can help make unique sounds; strap locks; truss rods; string trees; parts such as neck plates, bridge plates or pickups for upgrading or repairing your pedal steel guitar.

Effects pedals are popular in modern music production but can sometimes be difficult to master because of their complexity. Dunlop has an array of effects pedals including delay pedals; distortion pedals (overdrive); reverb pedals that create spacious reverberations within a venue or recording setup ; wah wah effects that allow sweeping different tones quickly just with the tips of your toes using a toe switch ; EQ booster that helps you push those notes through louder with more focus ; EQ filter ; Phaser tone shapers that are great for depth and stereo imaging accents on solos or leads ; Tube Screamers Amplifiers which produce both clean sounds and distorted growls with huge tonal range adjustments -all controlled by one tiny tool!

These products are designed to provide exceptional sound quality while providing convenience and ease when setting up more complex performances. Find out more about their selection today!

Drum Accessories

Drum accessories are essential items to have in the drummer’s arsenal. As drummers become more advanced, they often need more than just basic hardware and drum heads to get the desired sounds they are looking for. Dunlop Manufacturing carries a variety of drum products to help achieve the ultimate sound from your kit.

Dunlop percussion products provide players with ideas on how to customize and improve their playing experience. Dunlop offers a wide selection of products, from washers and felt strips for customizing cymbals, to drum care accessories like brushes, mutes, cleaners and dampening rings for controlling tone. They even offer unique items such as split lug screws that are great for quickly changing one lug nut on a drum or tom without having to unscrew several others just to get the job done. All the essential tuning tools needed will be found here as well; including l-rods, mufflers, tension rods, tension gauges and t-rods.

No matter what type of accessory you need, Dunlop has something that can help expand your ability as a drummer and take your music to another level. Their array of products provide an opportunity for you to experiment with sound to find something that is uniquely yours!


Dunlop Manufacturing is a renowned maker of musical effects and instruments. The company’s effects are used by all kinds of musicians, from professional record producers to weekend jam sessioners. Dunlop has a variety of products that can add unique character and texture to a performance. Let’s dive into the effects that Dunlop has to offer.


Fuzz is a type of guitar effect that produces a distorted, yet warm and mellow sound. Originally created from scratches and imperfections in the early recording of blues records, fuzz distortion gained popularity in the 1960s with The Rolling Stones.

Fuzz adds upper harmonic content to notes and creates more sustain by increasing their volume level. It can be used subtly to create a mellow, dark tone, or heavily to give the player a clean sound with aggressive distortion. Today’s common effects pedals often feature several different types of fuzz distortion.

The Fuzz Face pedal was one of the earliest effects pedals made available back in 1966 and has become an iconic pedal on the market that continues today. It was an overdrive style fuzz pedal originally made by Arbiter Electronics then reissued by Dunlop Manufacturing after it became popular in music culture during the 1960s British Invasion period. With its friendly design shape resembling happy face, iconic artists such as Jimi Hendrix, Jimmy Page and Jeff Beck have been known for their use of Fuzz Faces to create clear but fuzzy tones for music recordings throughout history.


Delay effects recreate an existing sound after some amount of time has passed, creating an echo-like prologue or continuation. Delay effects can be used to add depth and texture to a sound or to create “tape stop” or “stutter” effects. The length of the delay as well as the feedback (repeating it in a loop) contribute to creating delay effects. Delay pedals are widely used among guitarists and produce echoes that can have up to 1500 milliseconds of duration. Additionally, more advanced delay units may contain a feature called “tap tempo,” allowing for manual adjustment of the delay time so that it matches the tempo of the song being played. Dunlop offers multiple delay pedals including DynaComp, Cry Baby, and Slash AFD distortion/delay pedals.


Reverb is an effect that simulates the natural reverberation of sounds in a room or other environment. It simulates how sound reflects off of the walls, furniture and other objects in an environment. It is used to create a life-like richness to a sound and can help imitate the atmosphere of a real acoustic space.

Dunlop Manufacturing has been making high-quality reverb pedals for over 20 years, providing musicians with reliable tools to produce perfect sounds every time. Some popular Dunlop reverb pedals are the CAE Encoder, Supa Tremolo Reverb, Volume Reverb, Super Pulsar and MXR M300 Reverb Pedal.

The most traditional style of reverb is “room” type reverbs that simulate the sound reflections of electromagnetic vibrations bouncing off different surfaces within a space—the walls, floors, tables and chairs—creating realistic sounding reverberation effects. On modern devices however (such as Dunlop Manufacturing’s range of reverb units), room based reverbs are only one option amongst many acoustic simulations such as cathedrals, buses or large auditoriums. This enables you to expand your sonic palette significantly while still being able to keep your overall sound within reach.


In conclusion, Dunlop Manufacturing Inc. is a reputable company that has been providing quality musical products and effects for musicians around the world since 1965. They specialize in manufacturing guitar strings, guitar picks, “wah” pedals, and other effects. Their products are highly rated by both amateur and professional musicians alike. Their customer service and overall quality of their products make them a great choice for any musician looking to get the best sound and effects out of their instruments.

Summary of Dunlop Manufacturing

Dunlop Manufacturing is an innovative producer of musical instruments, accessories, and equipment for sound creation. The company utilizes precision-machined proprietary tooling which is crafted for easy assembly and duplication of items. The company has been in business since 1965 and has a long history of providing musicians with high quality products. Dunlop Manufacturing is known for both its effects pedals as well as its strings, picks, drumheads and other types of strings such as bass guitar strings. Dunlop Manufacturing also manufactures wah pedals and volume/expression pedals that are used by guitarists and other instrumentalists across the industry.

Dunlop Manufacturing specializes in creating custom products that cater to the musician’s specific needs. Their expertise extends to creating custom-made pickguards made from materials like acrylic or special suede materials that can be tailored to fit any type of guitar body design. In order to deliver these unique items on time, their staff works hard to use first-rate engineering techniques for the perfect fit and precise finish every time. Additionally their on-site input helps with large orders due to their ability to make precise adjustments according to customer specifications.

In terms of producing effects pedals, Dunlop manufactures multiple types including classic-style wah filters with adjustable sweep range amongst others. They also make a wide variety of distortion overdrive boost fuzz reverb delay chorus tremolo vibrato compressors pitch shifters volume modulation EQs pitch harmonizers synchronization tempos filter effects noise reduction flanger auto versions amps gauges tuners volums meters wireless remotes controls foot switches amplifiers equalizers mixers speakers tweeter tweeters monitors microphones headsets transceivers receivers radiosetc.. All of these products offer musicians excellent options when looking for amazing levels dynamic soundscapes tone nuances separation clarity frequency response sound quality precision balance articulation power output level distortion resonance warmth mastering smoothness manipulation creativity just to name a few features -all helping artists enjoy remarkable results when crafting specific sounds!

Impact of Dunlop Manufacturing on the Music Industry

Dunlop Manufacturing has had a lasting and profound impact on the music industry. From its early days of producing guitar parts to its current production of some of the best-known effects and tools used by professional musicians today, Dunlop has consistently released innovative products designed to help musicians express their creativity. With this in mind, working with Dunlop is an investment into professional musical proficiency that often takes an artist’s sound to new heights.

The impact of Dunlop Manufacturing on the industry can be seen in a wide range of effects pedals, tools, and accessories designed to create everything from essential tones to completely unique textures. Many of their products have become staples of the modern setup, from their Cry Baby Wah Pedal that has been used by everyone from Eric Clapton to Kurt Cobain, or their expansive range of picks and pick holders such as the Tortex Picks and String Winder & Cutter Combo which can be found among professionals worldwide. To this day many renowned professionals still use Dunlop products for both live performances and recording sessions around the world.

The history and ongoing influence of Dunlop Manufacturing is testament to its quality craftsmanship whether it involves guitar parts or pedal boards: musicians everywhere rely on this gear every day in order to achieve what they do musically! As a result, many trusty companies like 4XCraft continue to make sure customers can get their hands on exclusive Dunlop products so you can take your sound further no matter where you are.

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