Sony WF-C500 True Wireless Earbuds Review

by Joost Nusselder | Updated on:  June 3, 2023

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After using the Sony WF-C500 earbuds for seven months during my travels in Asia, I can confidently say that they have exceeded my expectations.

These earbuds have been through airports, malls, and even jungles, and they are still in great shape.

Sony WF-C500 Review

Here’s my review of the Sony WF-C500 earbuds.

Best battery life
Sony WF-C500 True Wireless Earbuds
Product image
Tone score
Best for
  • High-quality audio experience with clean sound
  • Compact buds are designed for a secure fit and ergonomic comfort
  • 20 hours of battery life and quick charging capability
Falls short
  • Flimsy case
  • Sound quality not as good as some other brands

Design and Comfort

The earbuds come with a compact charging case that securely holds them in place with a magnetic connection. This feature ensures that the earbuds stay in place no matter what you do.

I found the fit to be comfortable, and I appreciate that they don’t have any protruding parts that stick out of the ear.

Additionally, the Sony WF-C500 earbuds are available in various colors, allowing you to find a style that suits your preferences.

Sony WF-C500 earpiece in my hands

Sound Quality

While these earbuds may not belong to the most expensive brands, the sound quality they deliver is impressive. I primarily used them for listening to audiobooks and music, and they performed exceptionally well. Although they may not match the audio experience of larger headphones, the Sony WF-C500 earbuds get the job done perfectly. The built-in Digital Sound Enhancement (DSE) technology provides a tailored sound with a nice EQ, enhancing the overall audio experience.

Call Quality and Noise Reduction

These earbuds are not only for listening to audio but also for making calls. I found the call quality to be clear, and the noise reduction feature worked well even in noisy environments like airports. The noise reduction technology integrated into the earbuds ensures that your voice comes through loud and clear, making them suitable for business or personal calls.

Battery Life and Water Resistance

One of the main reasons I chose the Sony WF-C500 earbuds is their exceptional battery life. With over 20 hours of playback time, I could enjoy extended listening sessions without worrying about frequent charging. This long battery life was especially crucial for me during my travels. While the earbuds are not fully waterproof, they are heavily water-resistant and sweat-resistant, making them suitable for workouts in warm climates and use in the rain. However, they are not designed for swimming in the pool.

App Integration and Customization

The earbuds can be easily connected to your smartphone using a dedicated app. With the app, you can customize the EQ settings and tweak the sound to your liking. While the sound quality may not be the absolute best, the ability to personalize the EQ allows you to tailor the audio output according to your preferences.

Price and Durability

The Sony WF-C500 earbuds offer great value for the price. They are sturdy and built to last, making them reliable companions for daily use. They are well-suited for listening to music, audiobooks, and having clear calls with their effective noise-canceling system.

Answers to understand the functions better

How long does the battery of the Sony WF-C500 earbuds last?

The Sony WF-C500 earbuds offer up to 20 hours of battery life.

Does the Sony│Headphones Connect app allow for sound customization and EQ adjustments?

Yes, the Sony│Headphones Connect app provides sound customization options and EQ adjustments to tailor the audio experience.

Are the Sony WF-C500 earbuds water-resistant?

Yes, the Sony WF-C500 earbuds have an IPX4 splash resistance rating, making them resistant to splashes and sweat. The IPX4 splash resistance rating means they are protected against water splashes from any direction.

How does the Digital Sound Enhancement Engine (DSEE) technology improve the sound quality?

The Digital Sound Enhancement Engine (DSEE) technology in the Sony WF-C500 earbuds restores high-frequency elements that are lost during compression, resulting in high-quality sound closer to the original recording.

Can you use only one earbud at a time for multitasking?

Yes, you can use only one earbud at a time for multitasking while the other ear remains free to hear your surroundings or engage in conversations.

Is the charging case compact and easy to carry?

Yes, the charging case of the Sony WF-C500 earbuds is small enough to fit in a pocket or bag, making it convenient to carry around.

What are the pros and cons of the Sony WF-C500 earbuds mentioned in reviews?

  • Pros: Nice clean sound, comfortable to wear, fantastic battery life, sturdy build, easy setup, reliable Bluetooth connection, eye-catching colors.
  • Cons: Flimsy feeling of the case, not as bassy or deep in sound quality as expected, overly sensitive controls, difficulty putting them in or taking them out without accidentally pressing buttons.

Does the earbud case have any durability issues?

According to a review, the case of the Sony WF-C500 earbuds feels a bit flimsy, especially the shield part that clicks open.

How sensitive are the controls on the earbuds?

The controls on the Sony WF-C500 earbuds are very sensitive, and accidentally pressing them can change the volume or track, which may be inconvenient, especially when lying on the side.

Are the earbuds suitable for use during workouts and physical activities?

Yes, the Sony WF-C500 earbuds are water-resistant and sweat-resistant, making them suitable for use during workouts and physical activities.

Is there an option to connect to a voice assistant for hands-free commands?

Yes, the Sony WF-C500 earbuds are compatible with voice assistants on your mobile device, allowing you to get directions, play music, and make calls by easily connecting to your voice assistant.

How does the Bluetooth connectivity perform in terms of stability and audio latency?

The Sony WF-C500 earbuds utilize a Bluetooth chip and optimized antenna design to ensure a stable connection and low audio latency.

What is the 360 Reality Audio feature and its immersive sound experience?

The 360 Reality Audio feature aims to provide an immersive sound experience, making you feel as if you’re at a live concert or in a studio with the artist recording. It creates a three-dimensional audio environment for an enhanced listening experience.

Best battery life

SonyWF-C500 True Wireless Earbuds

Sony WF-C500 earbuds are available in various colors, allowing you to find a style that suits your preferences.

Product image


In summary, the Sony WF-C500 earbuds provide an excellent balance of price, battery life, and performance. They offer good sound quality, comfortable fit, and a customizable EQ. The earbuds are water-resistant and durable, suitable for various activities. If you’re looking for colorful earbuds with an extended battery life that can handle your audio needs during travel or daily use, the Sony WF-C500 earbuds are worth considering.

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