Natal Drums: What Is This Company And What Do They Do?

by Joost Nusselder | Updated on:  May 26, 2022

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Natal Drums is a company that specializes in the creation of high-quality drums and percussion instruments.

Founded in the UK, they strive to create custom drums that capture the sound of the classic British sound.

They combine traditional craftsmanship with modern technology to ensure that their drums are of the highest quality.

Natal Drums also provides a wide range of percussion accessories, making them a one-stop shop for all of your drumming needs.

Natal drums logo

Overview of Natal Drums

Natal Drums is a musical instrument manufacturing company that has built a very solid reputation in the percussion world. Founded in 1988, the company prides itself on combining artisan craftsmanship with modern design technologies. Natal’s products are of the highest quality and are used worldwide by professional and amateur drummers alike.

The company produces a wide range of drums, available in different sizes and colors to meet all requirements. From snare drums to complete drum kits, they offer products designed with craftsmanship and precision engineering. Natal also has an extensive range of accessories available, ranging from drum heads, cymbals and hardware to special edition artist series versions.

At Natal Drums, everything is handmade by skilled artisans who have been crafting drums for generations. The attention to detail enables them to create fully customized instruments that deliver unique sound quality – no two sounds are ever precisely alike! Their traditional methods ensure that each guest musician within their facility receives only the best service before leaving with their new custom-made instrument. Therefore, if you are looking for a unique piece crafted with skill and care, look no further than Natal Drums!

History of Natal Drums

Natal Drums is a British musical instrument company, founded in 1984 by Mark Daniel, John Aldridge, and Pete Flores. Daniel and Aldridge had seen a need for modern drums that custom fit to the body of a drummer – something larger companies had yet to provide. They began creating their own drums out of a garage in England, and their unique style was quickly discovered by drummers from all over the world.

In 1987, the company expanded into a production facility that allowed for more sound experimentation and customization for customers. Natal Drums increased their product line to include snares, toms, floor toms, cymbals and hardware. Each drum is hand crafted with durability in mind making Natal products perfect for professionals looking to create a unique sound while keeping their instruments reliable when on tour or playing live shows.

Over the last 30 years Natal drums have been featured in various film scores such as “The Dark Knight,” “Twilight” and “Tron: Legacy.” Professional musicians from around the globe also use Natal Drums due to their high level of quality and customization options such as finishes, thicknesses and materials used when creating each drum kit.


Natal Drums is an online store that sells high-quality drums, drum sets, and percussion instruments. Their product range includes clave percussion, cajon drums, tambourines, congas, bongos, shakers and much more. They also provide expert advice and customer service for all their drumming products. So, let’s find out more about their product range.

Drum Kits

Natal Drums is an online company based in England that focuses exclusively on drums and percussion. They specialize in instrument sets, which are known as drum kits. Drum kits consist of several snare drums, a bass drum, and one or more tom-toms (also known as toms). The kit captures the full range of sound possibilities that a drummer artwork produces. Natal Drums offers a wide selection of kits from beginner to professional level; all of which feature superior build quality and resonant timber construction.

The company also offers an extensive range of separately-sold components, such as bass pedals and cymbals, which can be used to construct your own custom drum kit at home. In addition, Natal Drums sells cases for drum kits and individual drums, making storage and transportation easier for travelling musicians. They offer top-quality brands such as Mapex Drums, Tama Drums, Zildjian Cymbals, Gretsch Drums and many more!

At Natal Drums they also offer advice on package deals so musicians can find the perfect combination of components to suit their needs without breaking their budgets. On top of this Natal Drums off innovative percussion instruments like bongos and cajons that can open up new sonic possibilities when added to your existing kit or combined together into unique multi-instrument set ups! Overall, Natal Drum’s vast selection allows customers to easily find the perfect setup for their musical projects with unbeatable value for money!

Drum Hardware

When you are looking for quality drum hardware to accompany your drums, look no further than Natal Drums. Their range of professional-grade drum hardware is sleek, strong, and reliable and provides a lifetime of performance. With features made to accommodate the varying needs of different types of drum playing styles, you can rest assured that your Natal Drum Hardware will always deliver the best possible sound and performance.

Natal Drums offers a wide selection of drum hardware that includes kick pedals, hi-hat stands, snare stands, double-braced cymbal stands, cajon braces with stand attachments, and more. Each one is well engineered with unique design elements such as ergonomic triggers on kick pedals for extra control and lightweight construction to reduce fatigue from longer playing sessions. All components are especially designed for ease of setup and break down during studio or on-stage gigs.

Whether it’s for a first-time player or an advanced drummer striving for professional grade sounds in their performance – Natal Drum’s continually delivers top-of-the line technology at an accessible price point.

Drum Accessories

In addition to manufacturing drums, Natal Drums also produces a variety of drum accessories. They range from drum stands, throne glides, and bass drum doublers to protective covers, tuning tools, and brushes. They also carry an array of cymbals, from brilliant finish lines to flat finished rides.

When purchasing accessories from Natal Drums, customers can be assured of the company’s commitment to quality and craftsmanship. The accessory range meets a variety of needs for both professional musicians and students who are just getting started in their musical journey.

Natal Drums also carries a wide array of percussion instruments such as cajons, shakers & triangles, castanets & clappers and other unique percussive items such as congas & bongos – for all your groove needs! All products are completed inspected before leaving the warehouse ensuring consistent quality standards across the range.


Natal Drums is an experienced custom drum design and production studio that has been customizing drums since its inception. Their drums are made from top quality materials with superior craftsmanship, and can be customized with a variety of finishes and hardware. Natal Drums offer a variety of options for customizing your drum kit, so you can get exactly the drum kit you have always dreamed of.

Custom Drum Kits

Natal Drums is a US-based company that makes high-quality custom drum kits for a broad range of different playing styles. Their team of experienced professional drum builders expertly crafts each individual kit to meet the specific needs of the customer. Whether you are a beginner or a more experienced player, they can help you create the perfect setup for your individual playing style and abilities.

Each Natal Drum kit is handmade utilizing only premium components and constructed around your own unique design and specifications. They offer various hardware configurations including five-piece, six-piece, double bass drums and other combinations. All shells are made from select quality birch, maple or ash woods and hand finished in professional custom lacquers or wraps available in multiple colors. Additionally, they offer custom finishing services to give your kit an even more personalized touch with many different available options such as solid colors, graphics and even carved designs.

At Natal Drums, their drum builders take every detail into account to assure that every part of your kit works together perfectly for optimum performance. When you are ready for a new custom drum setup or just need some advice on getting started building one on your own – get in touch with NatalDrums today!

Custom Drum Hardware

Natal Drums offers superior customization for drummers all over the world. Our team of expert luthiers and craftsmen specialize in customizing all types of drums with top-of-the-line hardware. Whether you are looking to upgrade or replace existing hardware or want to give your drum set a unique, personal touch, we have the expertise and know-how to help you get exactly what you need.

We can craft custom hardware using any combination of metal, wood, plastic, composite and aluminum features that will add style, sound and feel in a custom designed way that is uniquely yours. We can also provide custom chrome plating on various parts such as hoops and tension rings, giving your drums that extra shine without compromising performance.

When it comes to getting the perfect look and sound for your drums, Natal Drums provides unbeatable experience and quality in customization. Our luthiers and craftsmen individually handcraft each component to our high standards – so whether it’s an snare stands or mounting arm, we will help you find the perfect fit for your needs and style!

Custom Drum Accessories

Natal Drums is renowned for offering customers the ability to personalize their drum kits. We believe that individual style is important and want our customers to be able to express themselves through their drums. We provide a wide selection of quality drum accessories conveniently located in one place so you can create any look you desire.

Our vast range of drum accessories includes customized rims, protective sleeves and covers, tuning nuts and bolts, sticks and rods, as well as a variety of colorful fabrics and wraps for your distinctive set. Whether you are looking for an aesthetically pleasing design or something more creatively daring, like our in-house designed playful colors, you will find something that matches your uniqueness at Natal Drums.

We also supply additional customizations such as logo printing or engraving on parts, so your set can truly stand out among the rest. With any custom order we take into consideration all required sizes as well as preferences on finish type according to your style requirements. For those who prefer more minimal designs, we carry non-customized products so everyone can have special pieces that show off individual flair in their own way.

From design ideas to the ultimate finished product; our knowledgeable and passionate team is prepared to assist you in selecting drum accessories suited just for you – everything from paint jobs or personal logo placements – to finding just the tune that works best with your style of sound production. At Natal Drums we want every customer satisfied with his/her piece of art – let us help keep yours looking beautiful!


Natal Drums is a company that specializes in creating custom drums and drum kits for bands and professional musicians. They offer a variety of services, from custom building and refurbishing drums to creating custom drum sounds. They have a wide selection of drum parts for their customers to choose from and can provide help in creating a unique drum kit that meets their needs. Let’s take a look at their services in more detail.

Drum Tuning

Natal Drums offers professional drum tuning to purists and burgeoning drummers alike and is committed to providing the best sound possible. They use a combination of digital and analog tools for precision tuning, allowing for a fully customized approach that is tailored specifically to your needs. From heads and hoops to beater selection, snare wires and pedal settings, Natal Drums helps you get your drums tuned perfectly so that you can achieve the sound you’re looking for.

The tuning process begins with an inspection of the hardware, examining all of the different components that make up the drum kit. All parts are cleaned — which can include a degreasing soap — before any further work is done. The bearing edges are then smoothed and brushed off before holes in each head are set to help enhance sound quality. The legs on each stand are checked for stability, as well as dynamic balance within the whole kit before it’s tuned with the help of tuned steel rods or taps on the shells respectively — this ensures optimal resonance without sacrificing tone quality.

Once all components have been checked, drum heads are chosen (or replaced) based upon their ability to best optimize resonance within the desired sound range. In addition different types of microphones can be used depending on how low or high frequency sounds should be boosted due to poor frequencies associated with certain drums creations or percussion pieces in distinct settings etc.. Finally tension levels are adjusted until desired sounds are achieved – this requires close attention not only in detecting discrepancies in pitch between notes but also overcoming common sympatic vibrations through stick selection, stroke technique etc… resulting in more effective dampening control over otherwise difficult distinctions within subdivide rhythms heard while playing each note/hit correctly at target measurable timings and overall musicality at large recording with fidelity expected from studio grade level mixers/ Recordings mediums without fail while merging acoustics & Electric Drum Kit performances into single end output instrument ready for professional exploitation both inside & outside corporate realm ( music industry specifically).

Drum Repair

Natal Drums is a company that specializes in the repair and maintenance of drum sets. Our technicians, who are experienced and certified as well as friendly and approachable, are there to help every customer to ensure their drums are at optimal performance.

At Natal Drums, we offer an extensive range of services that caters to all drummming needs, from parts replacement to full repairs as well as complete overhauls. We have invested heavily in our workshop and unique tools which allow us to undertake complex repairs on any kind of drum set or piece, including vintage drums. All our spares are sourced from trusted, quality suppliers for the best possible results.

Our repair services for each is include:
-Tension Rods Replacement
-Drumhead Replacement (including hoop treatments)
-Lacing Services
-Shell Refinishing (including dramatic restores)
-Full Restores (includes replacing/intallation of all necessary components)
Our prices for these services are highly competitive,and we offer free estimates so you know exactly what you’re getting into before any work starts. Get in touch with us today and find out how we can help get your drum sets back in top condition!

Drum Set Up

At Natal, they understand that correct set up is the foundation of good drumming. Every drum needs adjusting to make sure it gives you optimal performance and a great sound. This company works with pro-drummers to ensure that their products are equipped with the best possible set up when they reach our customers.

As a customer, you can trust that their drum kits offer exceptional performance straight out of the box, allowing you to recognize the full potential of your drums even while playing at home or in an informal setting. All of their drums and hardware items come from one of three major drum production factories owned by Natal Drums, and all of these factories comply with international health & safety standards for both employees and products throughout production and distribution processes.

Natal Drums specialize in professional quality set-ups for every type of drummer from beginners through to established professionals. Whether it’s getting used to your new drum kit or fine-tuning a well-loved set for the perfect sound, Natal Drums has the knowledge and skill required for optimum adjustment; enabling players to get more out of their instrument without requiring specialist tools or individual instruments parts.

If you are looking for an experienced company dedicated to providing higher levels of service than other retailers, then Natal Drums is definitely worth considering; not only do they provide professional level know-how but they guarantee satisfaction with every purchase as well!


In conclusion, Natal Drums is a hugely successful business that has been designing and producing drum sets for over 40 years. Their reputation for quality and innovation is backed up by the many successful professional drummers, who use Natal Drums products. Their customer service, product range and competitive prices make them a great choice for any drummer or producer looking for quality drums.

Summary of Natal Drums

Natal Drums is a family-owned company based in South Coast, U.K. Founded in 1973, Natal Drums has become a leader in drum design and manufacture, while its drum sets are renowned for their top quality sounds and design. Their Vintage Series drum sets provide a classic tone with modern upgrades such as die-cast hoops and nickel plated hardware. Performance Series drums offer full-bodied resonance alongside precise fit and finish for players who need performance for live or studio environments.

For customer service, the company offers online chat, email support and a reliable telephone line where customers can get personal advice from a product expert on the Natal range of drums. Additionally, Natal offers educational programs to its customers through monthly masterclasses about different techniques and disciplines related to drumming.

In conclusion, Natal Drums is an industry leader in drum sets that combine both vintage tones with modern upgrades that are designed to meet the needs of both live performance as well as studio recording applications. Furthermore, their dedicated team of professionals provide excellent customer service via different channels, giving their customers access to personalized help when needed. Finally, they also offer regular educational programs focused on teaching new techniques and styles of playing to those interested in learning more about the instrument and advancing their skills

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