Music Group: What Does Uli Behringer’s Company Do?

by Joost Nusselder | Updated on:  May 25, 2022

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Music Group is a holding company based in the City of Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines. It is chaired by Uli Behringer, founder of Behringer.

Uli Behringer’s music group is a diverse, multi-faceted music and technology company that has established a strong presence in the global market. The company is dedicated to creating innovative and quality products in the audio and music industry, ranging from synthesizers and digital pianos to computer software and audio systems.

This article provides an overview of the company and what it offers for artists and music lovers:

What is music group

Uli Behringer’s music group

Uli Behringer’s music group, Music Group, is a global group of companies dedicated to creating high-end audio products. Founded in 1989 by Uli Behringer, Music Group creates and manufactures powerful digital mixing consoles as well as audiophile digital-to-analog converters and loudspeakers. They are acclaimed around the world for their sound quality and impressive design elements.

Music Group’s products cater to both professional musicians and audiophiles alike. Their flagship products include their X32 series audio mixing consoles, along with the flagship UMC404HD USB Audio Interface for recording. Some other notable offerings from Music Group include their BEHRINGER HA8000 dual earphone amplifier, ETHAMIX headphone amplifier, USB MIDISPORT 2×2 MIDI interface and Bass VIRTUALIZER PRO-DSP1124P multi-engine effects processor.

Music Group also provides a range of accessories designed to help enhance an artist’s creative abilities such as:

  • Live performance accessories like presentation stands, LCD displays and punchlight systems
  • Studio mounting solutions for rackmounted gear.

This makes them well poised to provide comprehensive solutions for every type of musician or sound engineers setup requirement.

Overview of the company

Ulrich (Uli) Behringer is a German engineer and entrepreneur in the field of professional audio equipment. He is the founder and CEO of MUSIC Group, which he founded in 1989. MUSIC Group is a leading provider of professional audio equipment, services and integrated solutions for live production, recording and playback applications.

The company’s products include Mixing consoles, loudspeakers, studio monitors, headphones, wireless systems, recording gear and related accessories such as cables and stands.

The company has made significant investments in research and development to provide superior sound quality while introducing new technologies at competitive prices. Its products are sold in more than 130 countries under several brand names such as Midas, Lab Series Pro Audio, Klark Teknik Audio Processing Effects (TPE), Turbosound Professional Loudspeakers and Dayton Audio Pro Speaker Components.

MUSIC Group also offers product support including a worldwide network of distributors who specialize in live sound solutions for both venues large and small. Furthermore it provides its customers with access to digital marketing materials for businesses seeking to expand their presence around the world via direct sales channels or through an established digital retail footprint on its website or other digital platforms such as Amazon or eBay.


The products of Uli Behringer’s company are incredibly diverse, ranging from audio and music equipment to professional audio systems. Uli’s company produces products that span from the budget-friendly entry-level range to the high-end professional equipment. The company also produces state-of-the-art audio gear for live performances.

In this section, we will take a look at some of the products Uli Behringer’s company produces:

Audio equipment

Uli Behringer’s company, music Group, produces and distributes a wide range of audio equipment. From powerful live sound reinforcement products to high-end studio mixing and recording, Music Group has something for everyone.

Live sound reinforcement products include loudspeakers and power amplifiers. The company’s flagship XR series is known for its top-notch sound and high output power. Music Group’s audio mixers are also tried and true favorites with professionals. They come in a variety of configurations to fit almost any setup or budget.

Studio production tools from Music Group cover all the bases. High definition audio interfaces deliver pristine digital signals while a full line of software recording platforms work with any hardware configuration. Professional studio monitors provide accurate monitoring of mix levels, allowing engineers to accurately evaluate the sound they are creating. And when it’s time to hit the studio, drum machines, MIDI controllers and digital synthesizers give producers limitless creativity potential:

  • Live sound reinforcement products: loudspeakers and power amplifiers.
  • High definition audio interfaces.
  • Software recording platforms.
  • Professional studio monitors.
  • Drum machines.
  • MIDI controllers.
  • Digital synthesizers.

Music production software

Uli Behringer’s music production company, Behringer, has specialized in developing a wide range of innovative music production software. From industry-leading programs like Cubase Pro to more consumer-friendly products like the DJ2Go2 touch music station, Uli is committed to creating software that helps musicians and producers of all skill levels create and record great sounding records.

Behringer also offers its suite of professional audio plugins for mixing and mastering. With titles such as Tube Compressor and Filtron Flux Remix Suite Pro, these tools are designed to help users achieve optimal sonic results from their compositions.

In addition to traditional desktop software programs, Behringer also has mobile apps for both iOS and Android devices. Mobile apps such as BEHRINGER DJ Studio let users take their music on the go, allowing them to access their mixes on any device as long as they have an internet connection.

Lastly, Behringer provides users with a range of helpful tutorials and videos that make learning how to use their products easier than ever before. With a large selection of watchable resources available at your fingertips, you’ll be creating amazing productions in no time!

Musical instruments

Uli Behringer’s company operates as one of the world’s largest pro audio and music instrument companies, offering a comprehensive selection of high-quality products. From guitar amplifiers, audio interfaces, and digital sound systems to pianos, synthesizers, keyboards and drum machines – Behringer has it all. They even have their own line of iOS compatible DJ equipment.

Musical instruments made by Behringer include everything from electric guitars, basses and acoustic drums to complete PA systems for small venues or large auditoriums. Their products are designed for compatibility with both consumer electronic devices such as smartphones or tablets and professional live performance circumstances. The extensive range of musical instrument categories carries something for every budget, from beginner level to fully featured professional grade products.

In addition to popular mid-level instruments like electric pianos and congas, they also produce higher end luxury items such as their iconic Grand Piano line which includes a digital model that perfectly mimics the sound of an orchestral piano. Their Synthesizer Collection is known for its outstanding low latency workflow with major digital workstations like Logic and Ableton Live, while their Audio Interface series offers accurate conversion between analog inputs/outputs and computer connections.

Whether you’re a novice starting out on your journey in the music world or an avid enthusiast seeking top-notch quality instruments – Uli Behringer’s wide range of musical instruments have something suitable for everyone!


Uli Behringer’s company is a multi-faceted music group, providing services from artist management and concert booking, to production and sound engineering. Behringer and his team have worked with some of the most influential artists, producers and DJs in the music industry, and the group is renowned for their creative and innovative productions.

Let’s explore the services and projects this music group has to offer:

Recording services

Uli Behringer’s company provides a wide range of recording services to professional musicians and producers in the music industry. Their expert staff is committed to providing the highest quality sound available in-studio and out-of-studio. Professional session engineers as well as multi-track recording, editing and mixing are part of their specialized services.

The first step consists of capturing the performance through a combination of microphones, preamplifiers, converters and other equipment. This will allow clients to create a high-quality recorded track after which post production services will ensure that the final sound is ready for radio, television, major label or independent release.

Their recording packages include:

  • Tracking staged performances with up to 48 channels at once.
  • Creating clean separate takes for later editing.
  • Transfer from analog tape to digital format.
  • Mastering for web or CD/vinyl release.

Additionally they offer an extras room equipped with a variety of instruments such as drumsets and amplifiers that can be used for sessions in case you don’t want or can’t bring your own gear.

Furthermore Uli Behringer’s studio offers mixing services either through their in-house engineers or via remote work done in cooperation with other studios around the world who come recommended by their staff. All engineers undergo continuous training through different projects and have years of experience behind them making sure that you get the best results possible time after time.

Online music lessons

Uli Behringer’s company, Behringer Music Group, provides online music lessons that teach individuals how to play an array of musical instruments from the comfort of their own home. The company offers structured music lesson plans and takes pride in its experienced and passionate team of piano instructors. Regardless if someone is a beginner or professional-level musician, courses are catered for all levels.

The company offers music theory courses which cover practical components such as

  • melody
  • harmony
  • rhythm
  • form

as well as technical topics such as sight-reading and music notation. For students looking to progress their skills further, specialty courses are available to increase performance ability including

  • stage presence
  • improvisation
  • composition

Instructors employ different teaching methods depending on the student’s capability: they provide a personalised learning plan tailored to the students’ needs or work with beginners step-by-step to ensure they reach their goals steadily. Furthermore each lesson includes digital recordings so that students can track their own progress over time while maintaining proper practice methods in between lessons. Skilled educators aim to make online learning sessions interesting and engaging yet providing valuable tips that help people gain confidence in performing on stage or in more relaxed studio situations.

Music production services

Uli Behringer’s company offers a variety of different music production services, ranging from sound design and recording to mixing and mastering. The company also offers acoustic treatments to ensure that the sound is balanced as best as possible. Furthermore, it specializes in spatial audio placement and mastering in surround.

Sound Design is the creative facet of the music production process, where Uli crafts the sounds tailored to your project’s needs. Sound design can include sourcing existing content or creating custom-made elements your project requires – classical instruments, voices, foley or even custom sound effects.

The recording process involves capturing audio tracks with top-of-the-line gear and microphones – in whatever setting is necessary for your project – in order to produce high-quality recordings of all musical instruments as well as voice over talents.

Mixing is where Uli Behringer combines many separate audio tracks (from various performances & recordings) into one coherent piece – sending levels up & down on different channels (such as vocals & drums) to create a cohesive mix for wider impact & dynamics.

Finally, Mastering takes the mix that has been produced and applies further processing (equalisation, compression etc.) so as to enhance sonic clarity; increase loudness & maintain an optimal headroom with maximised dynamics before going live/being distributed digitally or physically pressed for CD’s / vinyl cuts etc..


Uli Behringer’s company, Music Group, is involved in many events. Music Group organizes concerts and festivals all over the world, and they also host their own events to showcase new music. Music Group also has a production team that records, produces, and mixes music for artists. Additionally, they provide sound and lighting for live events.

Let’s take a closer look at their event services:

Music festivals

Uli Behringer’s music group organizes and promotes various music festivals around the world. These events are designed to bring together local, national, and international music enthusiasts to celebrate their favorite genres while enjoying live performances from some of the world’s most renowned artists. Music festivals are often attended by large crowds, making them popular with both experienced and novice fans alike.

Uli Behringer’s music group works hard to offer a wide array of experiences at each event. This style of entertainment often provides new opportunities for people to discover new genres, as organizers strive to create a diverse lineup that can appeal to all kinds of listeners. Live acts include singers, bands, DJs and MCs who perform for both dedicated admirers and bright-eyed newcomers alike.

Other activities typical at Uli Behringer’s events include:

  • Workshops and panel discussions with industry leaders in the realms of compositions, production development and artist promotion;
  • Open mic nights;
  • Deck programming workshops;
  • Beatmaking competitions;
  • Light shows;
  • Film screenings;
  • Meet-the-artist after parties;
  • Fine art exhibitions or installations featuring contributions from both established artists or up-and-coming musicians on the scene.

Every event harnesses the vibrant elements of a vibrant musical scene while providing attendees with an immersive experience that they can carry on with in their day-to-day lives after attending one of Uli Behringer’s musical adventures.


Uli Behringer’s music group produces a variety of live events for its audience, primarily focused on concerts. These events are designed to make sure that fans of all genres have an opportunity to experience an unforgettable night of music.

Concerts offer the chance for fans to hear many of the latest and greatest hits from Uli Behringer’s discography. The events also feature a mix of the newest releases from underground artists in the EDM and hip-hop scenes. Finally, Uli’s team strives to create an immersive experience by projecting visuals that show off his calculated stage presence and showcasing new merchandise collections during these events.

Music workshops

Uli Bertringer’s company has organized a series of music-related events, providing the opportunity to learn more about the industry, including workshops, masterclasses and lectures. These events are designed for all levels of experience, allowing amateurs and professionals alike to reap the benefits of Uli’s expertise.

The goal of the music workshops is to inform people and inspire them to start their own venture into the world of audio production. With Uli Bertringer as your mentor, you will gain new knowledge into sound engineering and synthesizing that can easily be applied in daily scenarios. His passion for helping others has led him to create several different types of classes ranging from drum programming tutorials to vocal production courses.

Uli also holds regular masterclass courses with renowned Audio Engineers from all over the world, such as Randy Coppinger or Manny Marroquin. These classes provide in-depth insight into audio production topics like studio fundamentals or dynamic range control and expand past just teaching technical skills; they help you understand the creative process behind producing great music as well. During his lectures, Uli shares valuable stories related on how he evolved as an engineer throughout his career—offering invaluable entertainment through laughter an inspiration!

Their upcoming events cater for a range of needs with individual highlights such as educational visits to various studios around Los Angeles or workshops dedicated entirely on mixing your own projects like podcasts or radio shows in popular Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs). All events allow plenty time for Q&A so that everyone can join in on learning experiences at their own pace – regardless if you are an amateur musician or a veteran producer.


Uli Behringer’s company, the Behringer Group, is a major producer of musical instruments, audio products, and professional equipment. This company has become a powerhouse in the music industry and has a global reach. The company also finances and produces independent and studio music albums.

With its wide variety of products and services, the Behringer Group is well positioned to continue to be a major player in the music industry.

Uli Behringer’s impact on the music industry

Uli Behringer is a respected entrepreneur, audio engineer and inventor who started a company in 1989 called the Behringer Group. This highly successful group is headquartered in Willich, a small town near Dusseldorf, Germany.

Behringer has revolutionized the music industry through his development and implementation of groundbreaking technologies and low-cost entry-level products, making music production and performance accessible to musicians of all skill levels. His most successful invention has been the Behringer CX series synthesizer workstation which effectively redefined what was thought possible with an analog synthesizer workstation without sacrificing quality or efficiency.

Through his contributions to music production, Uli Behringer continues to drive innovation in the industry and bring exciting new ideas from conception to reality. His mission is to empower musicians with the tools they need to create innovative sounds that stay true to their individual style. With such inventions as MIDI controller keyboards, mixers effects processors and more, Uli Behringer continues to shape the future of sound production worldwide.

Future of the company

Uli Behringer’s company, Behringer, is one of the leading music groups in the world. The future of their business is looking bright, as the company continues to innovate with groundbreaking designs and technologies. They are continuously pushing new products to the market that are sure to excite musicians, audio engineers and producers alike. In fact, there have been reports of a Behringer guitar amplifier coming out soon that could revolutionize the world of musical instruments and recordings. Uli Behringer’s innovative approach has allowed him to create reliable products that sound great and won’t break the bank.

In addition to production-grade items, Behringer has made a major push into the DJ market with their XR series mixers. These mixers offer great performance along with reliability at very affordable prices. The XR16 alone is proving popular among clubs and small venues for its low price point and high performance capabilities – allowing DJs to mix with ease and create amazing audio experiences for their audiences.

It would seem that Uli Behringer’s vision for his company is only continuing to evolve and innovate in order to become an even more dominant name in high-quality music equipment production. As a leader in both hardware equipment and software innovations, the future surely looks bright for his company as advancements help make music creation available for everyone all over the world.

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