The Epiphone brand

by Joost Nusselder | Updated on:  May 3, 2022

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Epiphone is a musical instrument company specializing in guitars, basses, and other stringed instruments.

The company was founded in 1873 by Anastasios Stathopoulo, and is currently headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee.

Epiphone makes several different types of guitars, including acoustic and electric guitars, as well as bass guitars. The company is a subsidiary of Gibson Guitar Corporation.

Epiphone was originally based in Smyrna, Ottoman Empire (now İzmir, Turkey), where the company’s founder, Anastasios Stathopoulo, was born.

In 1957, Epiphone was bought by Chicago Musical Instruments (CMI), which was then acquired by Gibson in 1969.

Epiphone is now a subsidiary of Gibson, and produces a wide range of instruments, including both acoustic and electric guitars, as well as bass guitars.

Some of Epiphone’s more popular models include the Casino, the Dot, the ES-335, and the Les Paul.

Epiphone also makes a variety of signature artist models, including guitars for such artists as Slash, Zakk Wylde, and Jerry Garcia.

If you’re looking for a quality guitar that won’t break the bank, Epiphone is definitely worth checking out.

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