Before I

by Joost Nusselder | Updated on:  October 4, 2022

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Before I is a band from the Netherlands, started by brother Erik and Joost Nusselder. The members are:

  • Erik Nusselder – Guitar
  • Joost Nusselder – Guitar
  • Alex den Beeg – Bass
  • Vincent Goosen – Drums
  • Lieke van der Veer – Sax
  • Pauline Weder – Sax

Before I started in September 2009 as a project by the brothers Erik and Joost Nusselder. Shortly afterward Before I got a solid foundation with bassist Alex den Beeg and drummer Vincent Goosen and the dreamed horn section with the necessary female impulses by adding saxophonist Lieke van der Veer and Pauline Weder.

Thanks to their extensive experience in different musical styles, Before I play a cheerful mix of pop/rock, funk, salsa, and ska.

At the time of writing, Before I is no longer together.

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