Allen & Heath: What Is This Company And What Do They Make?

by Joost Nusselder | Updated on:  September 16, 2022

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Allen & Heath is a leading global sound engineering company, with over 50 years of experience in sound engineering, design and manufacture.

Established in the early 1970s, Allen & Heath has developed an extensive range of highly acclaimed professional mixing consoles, producing industry standard equipment for professionals around the world.

Their MixWizard and Xone range are highly sought after due to their quality and performance.

In this article, we will take a closer look at Allen & Heath and some of their product offerings.

Allen & Heath

Company Overview

Allen & Heath Ltd. is a British professional audio equipment manufacturer, dating back to the 1970s and most known for their large-format mixing consoles and other pro audio equipment. Founded by Andy Allen and Wilf Heath, Allen & Heath is one of the leading names in studio recording console design and manufacture, providing solutions for both live performance as well as studio recording applications.

Today, Allen & Heath is known for its mixers, controllers and soundcards; they also produce desktop control surfaces, rack mount processors and interfaces which help in providing optimum levels of sound quality. With professional products used by industry leading recording artists including Led Zeppelin`s Jimmy Page and Coldplay`s Chris Martin, Allen & Heath has built an impressive portfolio of skillsets over the years.

The company’s goal is to develop innovative solutions that make it easier for any sound engineer or audio enthusiast to create great sounding music; with an extensive lineup of analogues mixing consoles being offered along with a range of software based control surfaces for added adaptability and flexibility in creating great sounds. The company also offers a wide selection of digital mixers as well as signal processors that add depth, detail and definition to any given soundscape.


Allen & Heath is a British audio engineering company established in 1969 by Dave Allen and Phil Heath. The founders sought to create reliable, beautifully-engineered mixing consoles to replicate the sound achieved in larger commercial studios.

From their first product, an 8-channel mixer that transformed the sound of modular synthesis keyboards, Allen & Heath has grown into one of the world’s most trusted names in audio technology. Their innovative designs have even been used by professional touring bands and DJs worldwide. With a dedicate R&D department and factory in Penryn, Cornwall, they continue to manufacture lasting solutions for both studio and live sound applications.

Their products range from compact multi-track recording systems and powerful live mixing consoles to compact PA units for mobile performance setups. They also offer digital application interfaces that link laptops wirelessly with mixer functions onstage or in a studio setting. Many of their products are designed with automation options to help make complex tasks quick and easier than ever before.


Allen & Heath is a company with almost 50 years of experience in creating professional audio products. They specialize in creating audio consoles that are used for recording, broadcasting and live performances. They create a range of products from digital mixers and audio interfaces to accessories. Let’s take a closer look at the products they have to offer.


Allen & Heath is a British company specializing in the design and manufacture of professional audio equipment. Through its many years in the music industry, Allen & Heath has established itself as a market leader and innovator in audio production gear. In particular, their mixers are highly respected within both studio and performance environments due to their unique design techniques such as preamps and circuits that provide a natural-sounding, accurate image of recordings or live performances. The company’s range of mixers includes everything from compact desktop units all the way up to full-sized, rack mountable consoles equipped with software control surfaces. No matter what your mixing needs may be, there is an Allen & Heath mixer that can accommodate it.

In addition to their legendary mixers, Allen & Heath also produces comprehensive ranges of devices for DJing and live sound reinforcement such as LED lighting controllers, DSP processors, crossover networks and multi-channel device hubs for connecting all your devices together into one easy to manage system. Whether you’re recording in the studio or mixing at a concert venue, Allen & Heath has solutions to meet your audio needs.

Digital Mixers

Allen & Heath is a British pro audio electronics company specializing in the design and manufacture of digital mixing consoles and signal processors. Founded in 1969, the company produces an extensive range of products for professional live and studio applications.

Digital mixers from Allen & Heath offer quality sound, performance and value for money. With their intuitive interface, intuitive routing system and a wide range of additional features, digital mixers provide a modern solution for any cuer requirements. At their highest level of performance – Idiom Pro- there are 35 motorized faders which provide precise control over individual channel gains without the need to set up all the internal routing.The latest addition to the Digital Mixer series is IP/WiFi Connectivity giving you remote access over your mixer settings wherever you are.

These digital mixers feature USB connectivity, allowing you to record or playback audio directly onto a computer or device with ease. When paired with an iPad they make it possible to use leading edge applications such as Multi-track mixing or Virtual Soundcheck. There is also compatibility built into Allen & Heath’s range of software packages streamlining them with the hardware interface to give fluid control in your audio processing workflow. Audio quality on all models is top notch due to A&H’s DSP architecture; smaller includes 32-bit floating point signal processing, whilst on higher models this increases up to 96kHz resolution at 48bits per sample.

Audio Interfaces

Allen & Heath is a British sound engineering company that specializes in producing mixing consoles and audio interfaces for professional use. Since its founding over 40 years ago, Allen & Heath has become one of the world’s leading manufacturers of top-quality audio equipment, trusted by producers and musicians around the globe.

One of their most popular products are mixers as well as audio interfaces which are designed to record and playback digital audio files. Their range of audio interfaces range from simple or budget- conscious models to high-end solutions for professionals. Their higher-end models boast features like low noise preamps, multi-channel support, studio quality sound and unsurpassed fidelity.

Whether you’re a hobbyist or an experienced professional, an audio interface from Allen & Heath can help you achieve great sound without compromise. With so many options available you’re sure to find the right product at the right price no matter your budget or application needs.

Recording Solutions

Allen & Heath is a British manufacturing company that produces audio mixing consoles and digital audio systems for use in a variety of professional audio applications. Their range of recording solutions includes an extensive selection of products for both live and studio environments, such as mixing consoles, controllers, digital mixing software, multi-channel recorders, stage boxes and more. Their catalog also includes power amplifiers for speakers and accessories such as cases and head amps.

The company’s flagship product line is the MixWizard series, which features an expansive selection of analog mixers from 4 to 48 inputs to suit any size venue or recording situation. They offer MIDI control surfaces with support for major DAWs to help you produce great recordings even faster.

Allen & Heath also manufactures portable PA systems specifically designed for bands on the road or small venues lacking in-house PA systems. With integrated mixer technologies, you can create live mixes on the fly while monitoring the audience to ensure they get an accurate mix of your performance every time. Growing beyond their traditional console production roots, Allen & Heath has expanded into broader audio system markets like installation sound, installation hardware-lighting control and personal monitoring solutions. No matter what your application requires in terms of sound input-and-output capability — Allen & Heath has your technical needs covered!


Allen & Heath is a British professional audio equipment manufacturer and supplier, based in Cornwall, England. The company is known for its high-grade, professional sound mixing consoles and other audio solutions for the music and professional sound market. They have over the years developed a reputation for innovation and quality products. In this article, we will talk about the technology that powers their products and why they are leading industry innovators.

Digital Signal Processing

Allen & Heath is a manufacturer of professional audio equipment. Founded in 1969 and headquartered in Penryn, Cornwall, England, they are committed to providing quality products and services that meet the needs of audio professionals worldwide. They specialize in performance-oriented mixers, digital signal processing (DSP) systems and power amplifiers for the live sound reinforcement industry.

Digital signal processing (DSP) systems are a type of hardware and software used on audio consoles that use many different algorithms to process incoming signals from microphones or other sound sources. DSPs can be used to adjust equalization levels; control attack, release and compression times; apply filtering effects; dynamics processing effects such as gating and expansion; modulate incoming signals for chorus, flanger or pitch shifting sounds; delay effects like reverb or echo; noise reduction algorithms such as de-esing or de-noising; pitch correction; auto panning effects; frequency shifting/ring modulation effects; pitch shifts/transposition algorithms like harmonizers/harmonizers plus much more.

Additionally, since many digital mixers come preloaded with internal DSP plug-ins so if you need to go beyond the basic functions they offer onboard then you can easily extend them using external plugins from well-known companies like Waves Audio Ltd., UAD etc.

Whether it’s a small club PA system setup or full size touring system complete with monitors, Allen & Heath’s range of market leading live sound products has something for everyone looking for professional grade performance from their audio equipment. Their DSP systems also set the industry standard when it comes to providing sophisticated EQ controls and other useful features which allow you to customize your sound exactly how you need it to accord with your audience’s preferences.


Allen & Heath is a British audio and electronics company that makes high-end professional-grade sound equipment. They specialize in the production of mixing consoles, digital multitrack recorders, and other products for use in live performance and recording.

At Allen & Heath, automation is an important part of their product design. Automation technology allows for hands-free operation of various audio functions including faders, targets and other parameters. This makes it easier to manage complex sound tasks like mixing bands with multiple instruments, sound effects or live looping.

Allen & Heath’s feature-loaded digital consoles provide a versatile range of options for advanced users such as remote control via iPad or iPhone to full automated control of the console from external sources such as MIDI or OSC (Open Sound Control). Additionally, they offer software packages that combine with the hardware offering extensive control options throughout the signal chain.

Other notable features available on Allen & Heath products include USB direct outputs for high-quality recordings on Macs or PCs, auto gain adjusters that reduce unwanted noise during powering up/down sequences and multiple user presets that allow operators to quickly recall settings when working on different projects.


Allen & Heath is a British professional audio manufacturer which designs and produces mixing consoles and other audio equipment for a variety of applications, from live sound to permanent installations.

NetworkConnect is their flagship product line, offering an extensive range of service-oriented networked solutions for medium to large-scale audio systems. This includes networking, remote monitoring and control, wireless control, and automated back-up services. It’s designed with scalability in mind, allowing facilities to gradually expand as needed without having to start from scratch every time.

NetworkConnect’s products are designed to provide a complete solution for any size project or venue. They include networking products such as routers, switches, firewalls and VPNs; system software such as Virtual Rig Server (VRM) which enables remote access, monitoring and control; automated back-up software; and support for third party control protocols such as OSC (Open Sound Control), MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface), Dante™ Audio-over-IP, Artnet™ Lighting Control Network Protocols and SMPTE (Society Of Motion Picture And Television Engineers) timecode synchronization.

To ensure reliability in even the most demanding situations, Allen & Heath has implemented comprehensive redundancy measures such as dual power supplies; double Ethernet uplinks’ ports; triple redundant QoS priorities that leverage Qlink performance optimization technologies; the latest 802.11ax Wi-Fi standards; rear panel lockable database slots to store preconfigured settings; dual redundant optical connections with latched inserts for secure cables connections and rigidized front linework shields on larger systems processes from environmental damage or electromagnetic interferences. These features make NetworkConnect one of the most secure yet flexible systems in professional audio today.

Customer Support

Allen & Heath is a renowned British pro audio manufacturer who has been in the business for over 50 years. Their famous mixing consoles and audio mixers are highly sought after and used by professional sound engineers and DJs alike. As part of the company’s commitment to its customers, they offer extensive customer support services. Here, we will discuss the various customer support services offered by Allen & Heath and how they can help you.


Allen & Heath offer a warranty on their products to demonstrate their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. This warranty covers all defects in craftsmanship, materials and components when used under normal operating conditions, within the applicable period of coverage.

Depending on the product purchased, the vendor’s policies will determine whether an international, corporate or consumer warranty applies. The applicable coverage period begins from the date of purchase. In all cases, we offer a minimum warranty period of two years from date of purchase for parts and labor against any material manufacturing fault.

If something does go wrong during the relevant coverage period, customers can register for support on our website in order to receive either an advanced replacement for malfunctioning items or instructions for returning it and repair/replacement services. If there’s an issue with your purchase and you’re still covered by our warranty terms, a customer service representative can arrange either a repair or replacement without having to wait until your item is returned and inspected at our repair facility.

Our warranty will not apply if:

– Damage is caused by improper usage;
– Unauthorized modifications are performed;
– Any provision of this agreement is breached; or
– Any accessories supplied fail due to wear and tear or misuse.

Repair and Maintenance

Allen & Heath is a respected leader in the sound and music technology industry. Their products are used in both commercial and residential settings and range from small mixers to large digital performance systems. As such, they understand the important roles that repairs, maintenance, and support have in helping to ensure their products’ longevity and optimal performance.

To better serve their customers, Allen & Heath offers a range of repair and maintenance services. They specialize in the thorough inspections and accurate diagnostics of any faults or malfunctions that may occur with their products. They also provide professional installation services for those who want to get the most out of their equipment. Furthermore, they offer post-sale updates on firmware/software features so that customers can keep up with new releases and benefit from improved performance over time.

Finally, Allen & Heath is committed to providing exceptional customer service through technical advice so you can get the answers you need quickly when dealing with any issue that might arise during your use of the product. This includes access to support representatives who can review your case in detail before offering solutions tailored to your specific situation – even if it requires sending specialists onsite for more detailed repairs or troubleshooting drawings for complex install requirements.

Technical Support

When customers purchase products from Allen & Heath, they can be assured that their experience with the company provided quality technical support. Whether through product advice, installation issues, software updates or troubleshooting questions, customers can rely on Allen & Heath’s comprehensive customer service solutions. With their team of dedicated and knowledgeable technical experts standing by 24/7, customers can ensure that their issues will be addressed either by phone or online chat. This service even extends to multiple languages to ensure that everyone is taken care of in a language they are comfortable with. The team is also available to provide advice on the best setup for each customer’s particular application. Whether it’s a public address system at a nightclub or conference center; a theater sound system; church audio; TV broadcast systems; flight case mixers; small clubs and bars; or any other audio situation you have in mind – Allen & Heath provides all the tech support help you may need.


Allen & Heath is a British company that creates award-winning audio and music equipment. Through their tireless commitment to quality, they have earned a worldwide reputation for creating reliable, innovative tools that musicians and engineers alike can depend on. They offer products ranging from mixers to stage boxes, all designed and manufactured to the highest standard with cutting-edge technology. With their range of digital mixing systems, innovative wireless solutions, and software control options, Allen & Heath makes it easy to bring your ideas to life on stage or in the studio. By providing flexible and intuitive control options with unrivaled sound quality, Allen & Heath strives to give users peace of mind knowing that their professional audio solution is backed by an unparalleled level of customer service.

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