Best Wireless Microphones For Church(2020 Update)

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The best wireless microphones for churches come in different shapes, sizes and prices too. And so are the varying preferences of the people who intend to buy church microphone online or offline. So whether you are looking for the first time buyer guide or upgraded replacement of what you have used before, these wireless mic reviews will help to fulfill your need.

One interesting thing to note is that almost all of the ones reviewed here are very likely to fall within your budget. Hence, you can order one immediately if you follow the links here.

Now let’s say you are a pastor or choir master. Probably, you are not a sound technician at the same time. For this and other reasons, finding the best microphone for churches could be a little bit daunting. Beside the price factor, there are other things to consider as well.

Understanding these things will make it easier find the one that will suit your intended context, needs and preferences. Some of them include the following.

Types Of Wireless Church Microphones

When you are searching for and intending to buy microphone for churches, it is very important to understand the types that are available in the marketplace. However, by narrowing it down to wireless microphones only, making the choice becomes practically easier.

In this modern age, who will still want to meddle with long mic wires while doing their thing on stage?

In the context of this article we’ll look at two types of wireless church microphones; the hand held options and lavalier microphone option.

Wireless Hand held microphones are rugged and versatile. These microphones feature the highest quality of audio out of all of the wireless options due to the size of the diaphragm that is on the hand held microphones. This one is usually good for stage speakers, musicians, live performance guitarists and Q/A sessions.

Lavalier microphones, commonly referred to as lapels are great for keeping your hands free during a presentation. Lavaliers are also easily hidden using the many versatile mounting options available. The reduced size of the microphone means that there is a slight loss of quality, but often the increased mobility will make it worth it.

On the other hand you can view these types on microphones based on frequencies like UHF and VHF.

Reviews of Best Wireless Microphones For Churches In 2018

Shure SLX2/SM58 Microphone

If you’re looking for top of the line sound quality from your wireless mic, the SLX2 from Shure is a choice you want to look at. It gives you Shure’s top-level sound capture and reproduction.

It’s tailored for ideal vocal response, with a spherical filter that’s extremely effective at limiting background noise.

This mic might be a bit on the pricier side, but for the extra investment, you get a microphone that’s built to last. It has a sleek metal design that’s comfortable to hold and won’t take damage easily, while the shock mounting protects the interior components and prevents noise from handling. If you’re a professional looking for a convenient wireless option, the Shure SLX2 is a great choice.

As for feature the Shure SLX2 is a unidirectional and cardioid mic with 50 – 15,000Hz frequency response. The battery life in this product is stated to be 8 hours+.

Rode Rodelink Performer

Although it’s a little more of an investment, it’s worth every penny thanks to the reliable RODE construction process, flawless sound quality and automatic frequency management.

The clue is in the name with this one, as the team at RODE had specifically created this with the performer in mind. It comes with everything you need to gig in the box, including TX-M2 condenser mic, desktop receiver, LB-1 Lithium Ion rechargeable battery, zip pouch, micro USB cable, DC power pack and mic clip.

The Rode RODELink Performer Kit ensures that your signal remains strong thanks to the automatic frequency management and the 100m range makes sure you have the freedom to move around wherever you need onstage. Best of all, you’re never having to worry about the battery dying and leaving you high and dry as the LB-1 lithium-ion battery can be charged without removing it from the microphone by connecting the included micro USB cable when you’re not using it.

Astatic 900 Cardioid Microphone

If you have been looking for great hanging condenser microphone with low noise before arriving here, this is it. It has a wide, flat frequency response that delivers unrivaled, natural sound quality.

This ASTATIC 900 cardioid choir microphone minimizes the impact of feedback when using the sound-amplifying equipment.

 The microphone features a flexible gooseneck-type body which is laminated in plastic. This makes it possible to direct the microphone head in the right place for dubbing. The microphone is equipped with a 3-pin mini XLR connector with phantom power adapter. The output impedance is this microphone stands at 440 Ohms. Frequency response is 150 Hz – 20k Hz.

Beyerdynamic MC 930 Stereo Set

For those specifically interested in choir microphone with multiple mic, the Beyerdynamic MC 930 Stereo set is now within your reach. Inside the pack, you’ll find two condenser microphones MC 930 with cardioid polar pattern, two windshield, two holders and cases.

The frequency range of the microphones is 40-20000 Hz and the signal noise ratio is 71 dB. Common user applications include choir, orchestra, instrument and vocal recording. However, there are some people that have found the mic to be working perfectly for presentations.

The only seeming drawback is that it belongs to the class of relatively expensive condenser microphones. That’s if you decide to buy the complete set.

With the switchable pre-attenuation of 15 dB in the MC 930, you’ll be positioned to experience impressive output at high sound pressure levels.


Beside the issue of affordability, the best wireless microphones for churches should deliver what you want in terms of sound quality and ease of use. Fortunately, all the options mentioned have you covered regardless of your most import buying considerations.

So whether it’s for the formation of new church branch, outside singing competition or addition of new singers, you are definitely going to find what suits your need here.

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